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What You Need To Know About Singapore Actual Day Weddings

There are some things which you may want to take notice of when it comes to actual day wedding ceremonies when it comes to couples in Singapore. If you’re a photographer, take notice about the following.

Couples in Singapore will first start off by the groom going to the bride’s house. Keep in mind, usually the photographer will however not be following the groom travelling over to the bride’s house. The photographer would usually start off his actual day wedding photography stint by starting off at the bride’s house and photographing her having her make up being put on.

Soon, the groom will be arriving with his entourage for the day, usually by a chauffeured car, and you would then need to get out of the bride’s house to take photographs of the groom arriving to meet his lady. Of course, with all these hoo hah, there will be ‘games’ soon after (most couples have this, but not all). These ‘games’ are actually just nonsense games where the bride’s friends will make the groom and his friends go through before the groom can actually meet the bride. This is usually the fun time for a wedding photographer and you would simply need to capture photos of them having fun. ‘Fun’.

After all these, it is time for the couple to have the tea party with the bride’s parents. You would need to take photographs of this ‘official’ tea party. It’s considered a more serious time.

Then, you would be travelling off with the couple to the groom’s parent’s house. Take note that you need to ensure that you have a space in their entourage of cars. Usually, you would be given a seat in the bride and groom’s car as you would be photographing them in the car as well. If you’re an assistant actual day photographer however, then you may be sitting in another car instead.

Once again, the same tea party will take place at the groom’s parents’ house. There is nothing very special you need to take note of here.

Usually at this point, it would be 2pm to 3pm in the afternoon, and you would be having your lunch break and/or tea break, and you would also have some free time. Some photographers make full use of this time to edit their photographs – at least those important ones, as some couples may request that you show them during their dinner banquet.

Finally, it’s time for the dinner banquet – most Chinese couples in Singapore have this. It is the grand ‘official’ ceremony of the couple getting married and entertaining friends and family. Take notice that although some couples may invite a lot of people, most couples prefer more photographs of only a few key people – e.g. parents, parents-in-law as well as closest friends. So before you go ahead and snap pictures of everyone, keep this in mind. If you’re not sure who the couple wants more photographs of, make sure to ask them before hand (not during as it could be awkward). This is something that some amateur or first time wedding photographers may not know. So do take note of this.

If you’re worried about all these, just join a good wedding studio in Singapore like and they will have mentors teaching you.

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Finding An Actually Good Singapore Wedding Photographer!

With so many negative reviews and horror stories about brides having terrible looking wedding photographs, naturally, most brides would start getting worried about finding the wrong photographer for their wedding. It’s very important to get the right wedding photographer. Very rarely is there a situation where the wedding gown, wedding car or wedding cake turned out bad, but it’s not that uncommon to see a situation where the photographs for a couple’s wedding turned out looking terrible. Therefore, I’ve written the following post to help couples in Singapore find a wedding photographer who’s actually good. It’s more important to find the right photographer and pay a little more, than to go with a cheap photographer and end up regretting that choice and making a mistake.

  1. Always check out your potential wedding photographer’s portfolio before making your decision. Always verify his or her standard. One person’s idea of ‘good’ may not be the same as that of another person’s. Even if it’s a recommendation by a close friend or family member, you still need to verify it yourself (and with your spouse).
  2. Check out online reviews! It’s so easy to simply Google for your wedding photography studio online and find out if there are any bad reviews about them. Make sure that regardless of which wedding photographer or studio you engage, they have actually good reviews too! You can easily find out the reviews of a company by simply Googling for a company, and here is one such example (shown example belongs to Grandeur Wedding Studio – Make sure the overall sense of the reviews by online netizens are good. I wouldn’t recommend you to look for good reviews, but more importantly, find out if there are any legitimate bad ones. Some bad ones are just posted by haters, ignore those. However, if it’s a legitimate bad complaint and review, then don’t engage that studio.
  3. Talk to them! It’s so easy to drop them a call, or simply email them / submit into their contact form. Most wedding photographers also have a Facebook page or Google plus page. Make sure to talk to them so you know how they run their business and whether or not they’re customer centric and customer oriented.

Hope that helps.

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How To Be A Professional Wedding Photographer In Singapore

There are many ways and paths you can take to the end goal of becoming a professional wedding photographer in Singapore. Here are some of the most common routes, and some things you might want to note for each of these career paths you can take to be a truly great wedding photographer in Singapore.

First of all, one of the most common routes is the apprentice route. It is also the most commonly touted route to become a wedding photographer in Singapore. Many photographers first learnt their craft under their ‘master/mentor’. It is a good way to enter this industry, because to become a true profesional, you need the technical skillsets as well, and it’s very hard to learn all these skills without a experienced person actually teaching you. Therefore, by having a mentor by your side, your wedding photography skills would be improving by serious leaps and bounds.

Second of all, you can work at a studio. There are some reputable studios in Singapore, and by working with a good one, you get a stable salary, or at least a stable flow of jobs coming your way so that you never need to worry about your survival and can instead fully focus on growing your skill sets. This is becoming an increasingly popular path – especially for those who just love wedding photography, and want a stable income working for someone else.

Third of all, this is for the entrepreneurs within the industry. There are many wedding photographers who are self employed and are sole proprietors. This is however, the riskiest way to learn the art of wedding photography. This is because if your self education is not good, you will end up taking horrible pictures for others, and the reputation you spoil is your own business’s – which can then affect all your future livelihood. This is not recommended if you have 0 skill set.

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3 Unique Singapore Locations For Wedding Photography

Many posts and articles on the Internet will tell you beautiful places in Singapore to have your couple pre-wedding photo shoot at. In this article, I want to be different, by talking about beautiful locations in Singapore where you can hold you wedding as well as have your actual day wedding photography session at instead. Here’s time to share some golden nuggets with you, my readers. Some of these places were personally recommended by my photographer friends at Grandeur Wedding of Singapore.

  1. Fullerton Hotel
    Now, one big disclaimer about the Fullerton Hotel is that it can cost you a ton of money to hold your wedding ceremony as well as dinner banquet at Fullerton Hotel. However, if you’re rich and you want to hold your wedding at the grandest location in Singapore, with beautiful places nearby as beautiful backdrops for your actual day wedding photographs, there are few places in Singapore better than Fullerton Hotel for this grand purpose. You can take evening shots across Fullerton Hotel at the Fullerton Bay Hotel with the Marina Bay Sands as your back drop.
  2. Upper Seletar Reservoir
    Love the outdoors? Then upper Seletar reservoir is a great choice for you to hold your wedding ceremony at. With lots of beautiful pavilions set up far apart enough, it can give you that amazing feeling in photographs where it looks like you’re in another country with only nature all around you. The best part about upper Seletar reservoir is that it’s actually inconvenient to get to for people without cars, and hence the entire place is quiet and won’t be littered with tourists or couples taking a stroll along the reservoir. This makes it an ideal location for couples to hold their weddings in the great outdoors in Singapore.
  3. Hort Park
    Another beautiful park, Hort Park is a great choice for your wedding ceremony. Many people recommend Botanic Gardens as it’s also a UNESCO Heritage site. However, I think it’s over-rated. Hort Park is much more beautiful, and the management there have the necessary props (e.g. tables, chairs, e.t.c.) needed to hold a wedding ceremony.

If you need more help, simply approach your intended wedding photographer to provide you with advice as well as family members and friends.

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What To Expect And Do For Your Pre-Wedding Photography?

Alright! So you have booked a wedding photographer for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Now you’re getting excited. Here are some tips to help you out and know what to expect (and yes, things you should do) for your pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore.

  1. First of all, if you’re going for an outdoor photoshoot, always bring a towel and at least 2 bottles of water. This is because you will constantly perspire in this humid and hot weather, and you would need to towel to wipe yourself dry (e.g. your forehead). You want to look good and not appear haggard and sticky in your wedding photographs. Also, make sure to bring the filled water bottles to hydrate yourself as you may be perspiring very often.
  2. Second of all, make sure to bring along an umbrella if you’re going to be out in the sun for the whole day. You don’t want to have one skin tone in the morning and another in the afternoon because of randomly getting a tan. Also, using an umbrella will help you perspire less – especially important if the bride is wearing a bridal gown and the groom is wearing a suit. It’s very humid and warm in Singapore. Even if you live in Singapore, and are ‘used to it’ you should do this.
  3. Third of all, it makes no sense to travel by public transport for this special occasion. Even if you want to save money, this is the wrong way to save money. You want to spend most of your energy and time at the location having your photoshoot, not traveling around Singapore – that’s a complete and colossal waste of energy! Trust me, you’ll look drained out at the location when it’s time for your wedding photo shoot.
  4. Do note that not all photographers work the same way. Some are very controlling – which is great for people / couple who don’t know how to pose, where to stand e.t.c. and have no idea what type of photographs they want to be taken of themselves. Others are very passive and only take photographs which you ask them to take – this is good for people who are already very experienced with photography and perhaps even modelling (as models are very good with lighting and angles).
  5. If you’re going to be wearing your bridal gown and suit, and you’re only renting them, make sure to check with the bridal gown company if you’re allowed to rent it overnight at least – or you would need to factor in the traveling time back to the studio to return the bridal gown company their items for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

If you need a good prewedding photography studio in Singapore, I recommend you try out Grandeur Wedding Studio

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Should you work as a wedding photographer in Singapore?

Is it a good idea financially and personally to work as a professional wedding photographer in Singapore? Would it bring you great lifestyle benefits as well as money? Or would you be better off doing anything else related to finance just like many graduates in Singapore have done so already?

Let us discuss the benefits and disadvantages if you were to work as a professional wedding photographer in Singapore and pursue this career as a full time option (whether it be working for yourself or for a reputable studio).


  • You are not tied down to the office. There are some people who seriously hate being cooped up in the office and talking to the same old colleagues every single day of the working week for years or decades. If you love to work with random people all the time, then wedding photography is a good option for you. You always meet different clients as well as different vendors (e.g. make up artists e.t.c.). It is definitely a job which can be much more refreshing than any other office jobs.
  • You can finally watch the movies on a weekday afternoon without applying for leave! This is because as a wedding photographer, your working hours are usually not fixed. Most actual day wedding ceremonies are held on the weekends while pre-wedding photoshoots may be carried out at random times throughout the week. This means that you would have a unique working schedule and not tied down to the same thing for 40 or 50 years of your life!
  • If you love wedding photography, congratulations – it’s the perfect career for you. There’s little to no office politics in a wedding photographer’s job and there is also no silly office competition. Perfection.


  • If you hate working on weekends – guess what, you’re going to be working on most weekends. As most couples carry out their actual day wedding during weekends, you would likely need to work on weekends to photograph these couples in Singapore.
  • If you like office banter and gossip, guess what, there’s also unlikely to be any of that in a photographer’s job. It’s even rarer for an outdoor wedding photographer’s job in Singapore because you would always be on the ground working with your customers. If you like to gossip, being a professional photographer is not the way to go for you in Singapore.

Alright! So what do you think? Does the prospects of being a wedding photographer in Singapore still excite you? Great! Then look for a good wedding studio ie Grandeur Wedding Studio Singapore to learn from and work as an assistant so you can build up your photography skills. If you’re already a professional, drop me a comment below and let me know what you think! Let me know if I have missed out anything as well.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Singapore

There are a 1001 reasons I feel why you should get your pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore, but I shall go over the 3 strongest reasons.

First of all, there is no need to take more than 1 day to have wedding photographs taken at different locations. This is because Singapore is tiny and you would only need a maximum of 1 hour to travel from one end to the other end of Singapore by car. Also, because Singapore offers both rural photoshoot backgrounds (e.g. Hort Park and Upper Seletar Reservoir) as well as urban places (e.g. Orchard Road and Central Business District), this means that regardless of what type of wedding photograph background you want, you will be able to get everything done in one day. This means you save both time as well as precious money. Unless you have an overabundance of money, going to places such as Taiwan or Japan for a photoshoot when you can get an equally beautiful photoshoot in a shorter period of time with less money makes no sense.

Second of all, there are many talented photographers in Singapore such as Grandeur Wedding Studio. Because Singapore has a small population (though lots of tourists still come for their wedding photoshoot in Singapore), most photographers work very hard for their customers as one bad word of mouth marketing will easily destroy their hard earned business. Therefore, you can rest assured that most responsible wedding photographers in Singapore work very hard for their customers and achieve stellar and excellent results in terms of customer service support as well as photo quality.

Third of all, Singapore offers lots of beautiful locations for you to take your photographs. As long as you don’t take your photographs during the hazy season, then it should be awesome for you. Places like Hort Park, Sentosa etc all look gorgeous as backdrops for your wedding photoshoot.

If you need more reasons before you want to get your wedding photoshoot done in Singapore, then head over to to check out 80 stunning places to take photographs in Singapore.